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Anti Bird Net

Anti-bird netting is an effective method of preventing crop losses, whether of forest fruits such as cherries, strawberries, etc., or seedlings. The laying of the anti-bird netting can be done manually or mechanically depending on the references used. The anti-bird nets can also be used for holding animals in an enclosure, thus preventing any pillaging by birds of prey, and in some instances for keeping wild animals out and preventing any damage they may cause. With regard to aviary protection, wide-meshed nets are recommended. For these references, we produce customised netting with our knotted or knitted mesh (kindly contact us).

Anti Bird Net Anti Bird Net

Anti Bird NetAnti Bird Net

Material 100% HDPE or PP With UV Treatment
Type Of Mesh Square or Diamond Mesh
Mesh Size 10mm,12mm,19mm-square, 20mm-diamond
Weight 11g--40g/m2, Or as the customers requirement
Net Width 1m/2m
UV treatment 0.2%-0.6%, Or as the customers requirement
Color Green, Black,Or as the customers requirement
Quality Produce according to the industrial standard or the customers request
Packing Each piece will be folded or rolled. Plastic bag as ourter package , One label in each bag, Suitable pieces in a bale, 50100kgs per bale. Or as the customers requirement.
Used Life 3-5Years

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